Borrowing audiobooks, ebooks, television episodes, great lectures, or films with Hoopla

Once you have an account, just go directly to to check out items, signing in with the e-mail and password you have chosen. Or open the app if you installed it.

You will have a limited number of checkouts available per month. These will be reset at the beginning of the month.

A complete audiobook counts as one checkout, as does an e-book, a movie or a music album. A single television episode or Great Courses lecture also counts as a checkout, as does a children's video. So use your quota wisely.
Check-out periods vary by medium:
Movies and television episodes - 72 hours (3 days)
Albums - 1 week
Audiobooks, e-books, and individual course lectures - 3 weeks

Note: New items appear from time to time and others disappear. If you have checked out something that is slated to go, it will mysteriously disappear from your account before the normal time period has expired.

Download or stream? You can load loadload your checked-out items to an app (Android, iOS). You can stream them to just about anything, including your Roku.

We can help with these if you wish, just bring in your device.
Hoopla for the web
Hoopla for iOS
Hoopla for Android

We can't help you personally with these options, but here are instructions.
Hoopla for Roku
Hoopla on AppleTV
Hoopla on FireTV
Hoopla on Alexa


Setting up your account the first time

Go to Hoopla where you will be asked:
  1. if they may read your location information (it's okay to say no)
  2. to choose a user name (e-mail) and password (whatever you want, be sure to record this somewhere)
  3. for your library card number and PIN
  4. to pick your library ... put takoma in the box and it will find us

That's it. Now download the app if you want to access Hoopla on your pad or phone.


You may encounter "unsupported" browser if you are using an older device. People have found that Chrome will play the video on XP machines, whereas Firefox will not. You may need to experiment.

Unfortunately there is no support for Linux.

Contact the director by e-mail